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Come by and play with our cats

We are dedicated to providing your cat with the finest care while you’re away. Our hotel features spacious rooms, enriching activities, and attentive staff. We also have a cat cafe where you can come and interact with our cats.

Our Pedigree Cat Interaction

Our cat cafe is a great place to come and interact with our cats. We have a variety of cats of all ages and personalities. You can relax with a cup of coffee and watch the cats play.

We also offer a variety of food and drinks at our cafe. So come on in and enjoy a relaxing afternoon with our cats!

Let your cat stays with us

Our cat hotel offers a variety of enrichment activities for your cat, such as playtime, scratching posts, and cat trees. We also have a dedicated staff who will take care of your cat’s needs, including feeding, grooming, and playtime.

Spacious rooms

Our rooms are spacious and have everything your cat needs to be comfortable and feels like home.

Enrichment activities

We offer a variety of enrichment activities for your cat, such as playtime, scratching posts, and cat trees.

Attentive staff

Our staff is dedicated to taking care of your cat’s needs, including feeding, grooming, and playtime.

Our Grooming

Welcome to SGCatHouse, your feline’s ultimate destination for luxurious pampering and purr-fect grooming! At SGCatHouse, we understand that your furry friends are more than just pets; they are beloved members of your family. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing the highest standard of care and grooming services to ensure your cats look and feel their absolute best.

We got our lilac bsh from Jamie and our kitten is the sweetest! She’s has a great personality - very hyper, very sweet, easy going and super loving towards humans. Our cat adores her as well.

Jamie checks in regularly on Layla and it shows that she really cares and loves her cats Super grateful for her entrusting Layla to us!

Shayne Adeline

Got our BSH boy from Jamie. She has been very helpful through the process and guiding us in looking after our cat. She cares very much for her cats it shows as our boy is always happy to visit her!

Ker Han Tan

We got our bsh, Mochi, from Jamie recently and she was very pleasant and patient with our queries. After warming up to us, Mochi is very gentle and friendly, especially towards my daughter.

Her service doesn't end after we've gotten Mochi. Jamie checks in on him a couple of weeks after to ensure that he got on well, and is always available when we need advice. We can see that she really cares for the cats and we're thankful to her for this new addition to our family; and for the help rendered after we've gotten him.

Iswadi Sarbini

I have gotten 2 cats from Jamie and they are absolutely adorable and sweetheart.

Jamie is very patient in explaining and letting us view which cat interact better with us before we decide to purchase them.

When one of the cats went for their check and we thought there was something wrong, Jamie also handled it professionally and advise us accordingly. Luckily every thing was okay and we were just too worried for the cats.

Definitely will recommend anyone to get their cats with her.

Geraldine Tay

Have gotten a British white short hair cat from her. My kitty is very well behave, well groomed, clean and have already been littered train! I’m so impressed. And the owner is a very kind hearted and she really take care well of all her cats. Highly recommend ☺️☺️☺️ Thank you so much too for begin so patient of telling me how to take good care of my Candy 🙂

Susanna Soo

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